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We have presented here the answers to frequently asked questions about Grand Cuisine. 

Should you have any further questions, please contact us.

What is Electrolux Grand Cuisine?

Short answer:
The first and only professional cooking system designed for the world’s most exclusive homes.

Long answer:
Electrolux Grand Cuisine is the future for culinary creation, designed for discerning home chefs and anyone who loves to entertain at home.

Electrolux Grand Cuisine is the first professional cooking system specifically for home use. It’s bespoke and handcrafted for the world’s most exclusive homes.

Electrolux Grand Cuisine combines professional capability with exceptional ease of use and is made to the highest standards of craftsmanship and design. The intuitive Grand Cuisine user interface means you don’t need to go through long years of professional training to be able to get the best from your Grand Cuisine components.

Electrolux Grand Cuisine comprises nine professional products plus the Molteni stove. These products have until now not been specifically available for home use.

Where are the products sold?

In London, Milan, Stockholm, Zurich, Munich and Singapore (sep 2014) to see where please look at or contact us directly on the web.

Where are the products manufactured?

Hand-crafted in the Italian workshops of Electrolux Professional.

What is the service offering?

Electrolux Grand Cuisine is a handcrafted and bespoke product. As such the service offering is also tailored from start to finish.

Electrolux Grand Cuisine is the only cooking system that comes complete with one-to-one chef tuition – 2 sessions in your home. Owners of Electrolux Grand Cuisine will be serviced by Electrolux Professional Service network, guaranteeing optimal system performance.

The Electrolux Grand Cuisine 5 Star Owner’s Programme ensures that the customer´s system will continue to work perfectly and that any maintenance will be performed to our own high quality standards. 

The Electrolux Grand Cuisine system offers 5 year warranty, 5 star Owner’s Programme and 24/7 support.

Electrolux Grand Cuisine’s recipe database is accessible at all times via the web for owners – and several of the more useful recipes are already programmed into the Grand Cuisine equipment.