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  • FROZEN FOOD HAS NEVER LOOKED THIS GOOD. Rapidly cooled by the powerful fans and freezers of the Grand Cuisine Blast Chiller, it’s been taken down to -15°C in minutes, not hours. This is a professional tool, refined and made available for the home. Use it to keep food just as fresh and appetising as the moment it was prepared, with all its texture, taste and nutrients preserved intact.


    Power, speed and control

    With the Blast Chiller you’ll soon be conjuring up a range of delicious desserts in minutes, not the tedious hours it used to take.

  • And blast chilling doesn’t allow time for large ice crystals to form that can destroy taste and texture, so your freezer can become your friend again. 


    Preserved in perfect condition

     With the Blast Chiller you can freeze what you like – and when you bring it back to room temperature it will still be in perfect condition. This means you can cook ahead of time and then spend time with the kids instead of being tied to the kitchen. Or keep leftover dishes in perfect condition for another day. It gives chilling out a whole new meaning.