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Electrolux Grand Cuisine and Poggenpohl have joined forces to create a unique concept for the ultimate home kitchen – 
a place where gastronomy, creativity, and interior design combine to inspiring effect. 

  • THE FOURTH WALL A concept kitchen with an element of drama. Imagine cooking, entertaining
    and living in a kitchen that’s a hub of creativity, a celebration of good food, and a showcase for
    all to enjoy. That’s the Fourth Wall concept. It’s a partnership between Electrolux Grand Cuisine and Poggenpohl to create the perfect environment for storing food, cooking and dining. Using the latest technologies in food storage, and with the professional-quality components of Grand Cuisine
    at its core, this is a kitchen without boundaries. 

  • Its name is inspired by the invisible ‘fourth wall’ that separates actors from audience in the theatre. In the Fourth Wall concept kitchen, the use of intelligent materials that can switch from opaque to transparent breaks down the barrier between host and guest, to create an exceptional multi-functional environment. The Fourth Wall celebrates good food in the heart of the home – incorporating cooking, socialising and dining into one space. For more information please visit Poggenpohl.


Preparation and storage 

  • THE FOURTH WALL CONCEPT puts the celebration of food centre stage. Throughout the kitchen, every ingredient – fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, cheese and oil - is held in ideal conditions of temperature and humidity for the best possible results. 

  • The ingredients in the pantry and storage areas are visible through their transparent cases and beautifully presented, as if hovering in the air. The organization of ingredients makes it easy and intuitive to store and access them. The scene is set. 


Preparing and cooking

  • NOW THE COOK TAKES centre stage. The power and precision of Grand Cuisine components like the sear hob, the gas hob and combination oven enable a number of delicious dishes to be prepared simultaneously – while the vacuum sealer and blast chiller give the cook the option to hold 

  • ingredients and dishes in perfect condition until it’s time to serve them. With Grand Cuisine at the heart of the Fourth Wall concept kitchen, the host can join in the conversation – and feel as relaxed as the guests. 


The dining experience

  • FOR THE CLIMAX of the evening, the focus shifts to the dining area, with a choice of lighting ambience from informal family meal to sophisticated dinner party. The pantry’s surface becomes opaque; conversely, the contents of the wine cellar can be conjured into sight at the touch of a switch. 

  • As guests settle around the table, they’re presented with the first of many mouth-watering courses – yet their host is calm and relaxed. In such ideal conditions, good food and good company can be enjoyed to the full. 

  • »The Fourth Wall is a concept kitchen jointly developed by Electrolux and Poggenpohl; however, the components of the Grand Cuisine system are all production items available for the home. «

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