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Cooking with Grand Cuisine gives you access to a world of time-saving, flavour-enhancing

methods such as sous-vide and cook-and-chill. These techniques have revolutionised professional

restaurants – now they are yours to explore.


  • Literally 'under vacuum', sous-vide is a technique that seals foods and liquids in an airtight pouch during cooking. Not only does this retain nutrients and prevent oxidation, it also ensures the highest levels of freshness, quality and flavour. Originally developed by professionals - now available for your home.


    Long, slow cooking at low temperatures intensifies flavour while preserving texture. Prepare delicious marinades, fish, stews, casseroles or sauces and keep them in perfect condition for days, weeks or months.


    Use the Grand Cuisine Precision Vacuum Sealer to create a perfect airtight seal for your dish – then cook in the Combination Oven for outstanding results. If you like, you can then ‘freeze time’ with the Blast Chiller until you’re ready to serve.

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  • The most valuable and time-saving technique in any professional kitchen. Rapid, precise chilling direct from the oven keeps all kinds of dishes in perfect condition until it’s time to serve. At home, you can prepare entire meals well ahead of time, entertaining your guests with unruffled poise.


    You’ll be amazed at the variety of dishes you can cook and blast chill. Roast meats, fish, hot desserts and vegetables can all be brought to 90% readiness, chilled, then reheated at the right moment.


    The two essential components for cook and chill are the Blast Chiller and Combination Oven. Precision sensors and automatic programmes take the guesswork out of chilling and regenerating.

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  • Forget everything you’ve ever known about chilling and reheating foods – the power and control of the Blast Chiller are game changers. You can take hot dishes direct from the oven and pull their temperature down so fast that the texture and condition is perfectly preserved. Use the Blast Chiller to hold the food at 90% readiness – then simply finish cooking on the Gas Hob, Induction Zone or in the Combination Oven.

    Blast freeze to prevent large ice crystals from forming – texture is perfectly preserved. Retain taste, appearance and quality of food for weeks or even months.

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  • Cook ahead of time – then simply set the Combination Oven to keep the food in perfect condition until you’re ready to serve. So you can entertain guests without working up to the last minute.


    Automatic programs monitor the condition of food and suspend the final phase of cooking until you're ready. Even if guests are delayed, your meal won’t be ruined.


    The Cook-and-Hold programme is just one of the many programmable functions of the Combination Oven. Take a tip from the professionals and save yourself time and trouble.

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  • Searing enhances the taste of a variety of foods, from steaks to vegetable slices. It creates a tasty and appealing caramelised outer surface. And with the Sear Hob it’s easy - and healthy too.


    You can cook meat, fish, seafood and even vegetables this way, for that simple-yet-satisfying seared taste. 


    The highly polished surface of the Sear Hob means that even delicate foods won’t stick – and there’s no need for more than a tiny drop of oil.

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  • Low temperature steaming is ideal for delicate dishes such as fish, as well as desserts – you can even cook a crème brulée with ease. 

    The control of temperature and steam is why it’s called a Combination Oven. The Grand Cuisine Lambda Sensor means precise control of humidity for great results. 

    Now you can cook food gently with a precise temperature and humidity setting – with no need for a bain marie.

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