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We all love gourmet restaurant dining…but what if the same

amazing results could be created by you, at home? 

  • SHARING FOOD IS the most elemental of pleasures, yet in the great restaurants of the world the experience has been elevated to an art form. The appeal of a great restaurant goes far beyond what’s on the menu: it’s about the service, the atmosphere, and who you’re with. 

  • With passion and skill, chefs create a sense of joy whose memory will linger long after the last plate is cleared away. Yet you, too, could soon be cooking like a professional chef…using the same tools and techniques to create wonderful results in your own home. 

  • »Great food is art that’s devised, crafted, presented and then consumed.«


Electrolux Professional products are the preferred choice for some of the world's most esteemed chefs.


Richmond Lim


Claude Bosi


Paolo Pettenuzzo


Bruce Lim


Henrik Nordström


What goes on behind the scenes at a great restaurant? Discover some insider secrets and learn how chefs
have worked with Electrolux to develop ways to slow down or speed up time itself.

  • THE PREFERRED CHOICE of Michelin-starred chefs, Electrolux has been shaping the way that kitchens work for the better part of a century. As a result, you will find Electrolux Professional products in about half of the top restaurants in Europe – and around one-third worldwide. 

  • Until today, most home cooks have only been able to envy the tools of the professional. Now, Electrolux is bringing professional techniques to the heart of the home – enabling home chefs to create remarkable meals and dishes every day of the week.

  • »Electrolux equipment has helped to shape the professional kitchens of the world…and now, the same tools can be yours to use in your home.«

»We chose materials and finishes that you would find in a professional context,

such as stainless steel and glass, but with a high-end, refined sense of design.«

Henrik Otto, Design Director


Consistency in every detail, precision in craftsmanship and uncompromising design. 

 There has never been anything like Electrolux Grand Cuisine.

  • “AT ELECTROLUX WE have a wealth and depth of knowledge that we wanted to make available to people who are not professional chefs,” says Henrik Otto, Design Director. “We wanted to create something that could be put into a private home and fit in perfectly. The materials and the execution of the details give it a presence, whether you have a super modern kitchen or if you’re more traditional with a country-style kitchen.”

  • Clean, contemporary lines and the use of genuine materials make Grand Cuisine perfect for any home, with the choice of cool satin-finish steel or a warmer brass finish. Naturally, the Grand Cuisine installation team will ensure that your kitchen is as practical to work in as it is aesthetically pleasing to look at. The result: a cooking system that allows accomplished cooks to achieve the exceptional, while empowering anyone to excel and enjoy the experience of home entertaining.



  • TODAY’S CHEFS PUSH the boundaries to surprise and delight us. And with Electrolux Professional equipment they can play with food like never before. Electrolux has developed tools that enable them to slow down or speed up time itself. 

  • From blast chilling to sous-vide cookery, and from searing to steaming, Electrolux equipment helps professionals to stop the clock, capturing freshness and flavour in perfect condition until it’s time to present it at the table. And now, you can too…


A taste of the future for home cooking: Electrolux Grand Cuisine has been created to uncompromising
standards for the discerning home chef.  Whether your taste is ultra-modern or more traditional it will fit in seamlessly, 
bringing professional techniques to the heart of the home.


Cooking System