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The Bespoke
ventilation system

The ultimate bespoke ventilation system: designed to order for each and every unique kitchen.

  • WITH THE GRAND CUISINE BESPOKE VENTILATION SYSTEM you can enjoy the art of cooking and even invite guests to join you in the kitchen, without the lingering smell of cooking food. The Electrolux designers and engineers have put careful thought into the challenge of extracting steam and oil-laden fumes. Mindful that noise can also be a pollutant, Grand Cuisine fans are significantly quieter than those in conventional hoods. No two ventilation projects are the same for the simple reason that no two kitchens are the same. If you like your kitchen to have an open and airy theme, the Grand Cuisine extraction system can be flush-mounted in a false ceiling, leaving clear sight-lines across the room. If you’d prefer a stunning architectural feature, a rectangular chimney with a glass hood creates a statement. Hoods can be mounted on the ceiling or the wall, depending on the location of the hob.


    Made to order for every unique kitchen

    Extracts up to 95% of grease, compared to

       40-80% for ordinary systems

    Quiet, efficient, and unobtrusive 

  • System Thinking

    Adapted for the home and crafted to complement the rest of the Grand Cuisine Cooking System, the Bespoke Ventilation System has the same high-powered odour and grease control capabilities used in professional kitchens with the added benefit of low noise.

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