Blast chiller

Flawless preservation

Blast chill anything to preserve taste and texture flawlessly until it’s ready to be brought back to room temperature – in perfect condition.

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Blastchiller strawberries

Speed, power and control

Rapidly cooled by powerful fans and freezers, the Grand Cuisine Blast Chiller takes temperatures down to -15°C in minutes, not hours. Use it to keep food just as fresh as the moment it was prepared, with all its texture, taste and nutrients preserved intact.

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Key Features

Blast chills hot dishes directly from the oven
Three-sensor Probe for accurate temperature control
Automatically selects the right blast chill cycle for perfect results
Blast chilling doesn’t allow large ice crystals to form - texture is perfectly preserved
Can blast chill 10 bottles of champagne to the perfect 8°C in just 30 minutes

Freeze Time