Gas hob

Functional flames

A statement piece in any kitchen, our professional standard gas hob gives you fine control of your heat output. With two different burner sizes, our patented Flower Flame and knobs that turn through a 120° arc, the power and precision you need are in perfect balance.


Power, precision and functionality

Our patented Flower Flame automatically adjust to the size of pan or pot you place on it. You can slide pans from one burner to another knowing that it will always be evenly heated, with no hot spots in the center and no flames spreading up the sides.

Gashob EGC
Gashob 4


Total power for the five burners up to 22.5kW
Large burner can boil 1L of room-temperature water in 60 seconds
All burners made of brass, with two sizes
Flower Flame adapts automatically to different pan sizes
Knobs turn through a 120° arc, instead of 60°

Heat control