Sear hob

Surface matters

Use the chromium-plated sear hob to lock in juices and flavor directly and rapidly. The polished chrome surface lets food slide, not stick, enhancing the taste of food with a tasty caramelized outer surface.

SearHob 2
SearHob 1

Rapid, even heating

The precisely controlled, evenly distributed Incoloy armored heating elements positioned beneath the cooking plate offer you a range of temperatures from 110° to 280°, with a fast heat up time. Flush-fitting joints and laser-cut edges make it easy to clean, with the full- length grease and oil channel around the Sear Hob drains into a one-litre collection drawer.

Searhob big
SearHob 4

Key Features

Instant touch control of temperature
Even temperature across the surface
Polished chrome surface
Seals in juices
Heats up quickly

Sizzle and serve