Perched atop a hillside at Capo Berta, Northern Italy, overlooking what can only be described as a perfectly blue Mediterranean sea, sits a property quite like no other.

Once a 300 year-old crumbling farmhouse, the building has been spectacularly renovated by UK architects Collett Zarzycki and Milanese architectural practice CBS, and the result is an exquisite fusion of old and new. “Our long held dream was to create a home in a beautiful setting, where we, our family and friends could gather, relax and enjoy the view at any time of the year” says proud owners Robert and Lesley Hildebrand of the house, which sits in fifteen acres of verdant land. “It’s so much more than just a place to come on holiday; in fact it’s become a second family home.”

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The 8,000 sq ft building, which includes four bedrooms and a spacious living area, as well as a terrace and a theatre is often packed with people, including the Hildebrand’s four children and two granddaughters who regularly come to visit. Therefore a large kitchen was of utmost importance.

Electrolux Ownership
Our vision was a huge, inviting space that would really be the hub of the home

“Somewhere where everyone could hang out, chat and enjoy the sunshine, and most importantly to us, the wonderful food and produce available here. This is why we were so delighted to discover Electrolux Grand Cuisine. Not only does the range look amazingly cool, but it was streets ahead of anything else we had explored.”