Vladimir Mukhin


A centuries old mansion hidden deep inside a modern building at the Smolenskaya Square in Moscow, Chef’s Table by renowned restaurant group White Rabbit Family is the first to bring the concept of intimate dining to the Russian gastronomic scene. Designed by forward-thinking architectural practice MSK 17, the cavernous space is a modern interpretation of an historic Russian chamber.

Represented by the wealth of tactile materials, including rich and heavily grained woods, cool copper and dolomite surfaces, textural brick walls, heavy iron doors and a vast floor laid with smooth stone slabs, the result is a modern and minimal, yet truly atmospheric arena in which to play out the gastronomical theatre conceived by celebrated Head Chef Vladimir Mukhin.

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Guests, who are strictly limited to 15 at any one sitting, are able to see first-hand how their exclusive menu is expertly prepared as world famous chefs including Magnus Nilsson, George Troyan and Dmitry Blinov, as well as the in-house White Rabbit Family chefs, cook up a storm in front of their very eyes.

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Global gastronomic experts are often surprised at the popularity of fine dining in Russia

Intrinsic to the smooth and effective execution of this concept is of course the very best in modern technology, which is why the kitchen at Chef’s Table is based around intelligent appliances designed by Electrolux Grand Cuisine. The high-tech system, which replicates the functionality of professional equipment in a domestic environment, plays a key role in allowing these expert chefs to work their culinary magic.

“Global gastronomic experts are often surprised at the popularity of fine dining in Russia” says Mukhin. “I’m overjoyed about the collaboration between White Rabbit Family and Electrolux Grand Cuisine, and I’m confident that Chef’s Table will become a platform for a unique journey of gastronomic discovery.”