What is Electrolux Grand Cuisine?

It is the first professional cooking system designed specifically for the home.

Why did you name the collection Electrolux Grand Cuisine?

The craftsmen in the workshops of Electrolux Professional were so proud of the products they crafted that they used the motto “Grand Cuisine” on their shirts. When it came to naming the cooking system, one of the development teams saw this motto and thought it was perfect.Electrolux Grand Cuisine embodies what the system stands for: It’s the first professional cooking system specifically for home use, and the first system with appliances that make it possible to recreate a Michelin-starred restaurant experience in your own home.

What countries is Electrolux Grand Cuisine available in?

Electrolux Grand Cuisine was launched in London in 2012 and is currently delivering kitchens throughout Europe.

Which appliances are included?

Electrolux Grand Cuisine is a cooking system that includes nine professional appliances:

The Combination Oven
The Blast Chiller
The Induction Zone
The Gas Hob
The Sear Hob
The Precision Vacuum Sealer
The Surround Induction Zone
The Bespoke Ventilation
The Stand Mixer

Is there a refrigerator or a dishwasher in the range?

Electrolux Grand Cuisine is currently a cooking system, but the system will continuously evolve.

How much do the appliances cost?

The Electrolux Grand Cuisine Cooking System, excluding the Molteni, starts at €80,000 (£65,000) excluding VAT.

Can I buy the appliances also individually?

Yes, of course.

Where can I buy the appliances?

You can buy the appliances by contacting Electrolux Grand Cuisine directly. See our contact details under Contact Us.

Where can I see the cooking system?

To view the appliances you are welcome to visit our showrooms. These visits are by invitation only. Please contact Electrolux Grand Cuisine to arrange an appointment.

Where are the appliances manufactured?

The Electrolux Grand Cuisine Cooking System is handcrafted in Italy at the workshops of Electrolux Professional.

Does Electrolux Grand Cuisine provide kitchen units?

The Electrolux Grand Cuisine Cooking System only contains appliances. They are designed to integrate with your home decór, whether it is traditional or ultra-modern. When you commission the Grand Cuisine Cooking System, our team will work with your architect or interior designer to ensure that your kitchen will be as practical to work in as it is aesthetically pleasing to look at.

Does Electrolux Grand Cuisine provide an architect?

Electrolux Grand Cuisine has a global network of architects, and we are happy to assist you should you need a recommendation.

Are the appliances available in different measurements?

The Electrolux Grand Cuisine Cooking System contains professional appliances developed in collaboration with top chefs. The dimensions of the appliances are carefully calculated to optimise performance and therefore should not be altered.

What is the service offering?

Electrolux Grand Cuisine is a handcrafted and bespoke cooking system. As such, the service offering is tailored to your needs from start to finish.Electrolux Professional has 90 years of expertise. Owners of the Electrolux Grand Cuisine Cooking System will be serviced by the Electrolux Professional service network, guaranteeing optimal performance.In addition, the Electrolux Grand Cuisine Cooking System comes complete with a private cooking session in your home with a top chef to introduce you to the techniques and possibilities this cooking system offers.

What can the system do that home appliances cannot do at present?

This technologically advanced cooking system with easy-to-use touchscreens allows the home cook to employ techniques used in professional kitchens. This enables you to cook more delicious food than before and with less effort, leaving you feeling relaxed and in control.

Do you need special training to know how to use the Electrolux Grand Cuisine appliances?

The Electrolux Grand Cuisine user interface makes cooking as simple, or as complex, as you want it to be. Choose Manual, Program or Automatic Mode simply using a touchscreen. Anything you cook today, you can also cook with Electrolux Grand Cuisine appliances.To give you full confidence, the Electrolux Grand Cuisine Cooking System comes complete with a private cooking session in your home with a top chef.



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